script taproot

Walk in Adjust blanket wrong Adjust blanket correct Spin in Pull Cooler Close Napkins Silverware Cups and Plate set up Wine Out Pour Wine Toast – Drink Wine Plastic Spoon Roll Up   GATHER -Celery -Apple -Sugar Player 2 stirs alone Both Players stir together Wait then Dance Dance DING Sit Chicken Reveal Eat Chicken … More script taproot


I am thinking we do 4 major shots, probably two takes for each shot. List of shots: tripod wide shot of whole dance, (10 AM) shoulder cam mid shot of dancers at basket, (10:45) one stedicam shot replacing dancer 1 (Siri), (11:30) one stedicam replacing dancer 2 (Alexa) (12:30) Coverage (hand grabbing items, dropping items, … More taproot