A most noble experiment

In 1913 Émile Borel created the famous, though often misquoted, concept of “If you gave an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, eventually they would ‘write Shakespeare’.” In 1953 Nobel Peace prize recipient and Columbia Professor Hans Zimbardo attempted to create such an experiment.  Despite the considerable over-funding of the experiment by the… More A most noble experiment

Things villains say (Idea for Video)

Super – villain Chess tournament. Scene: Large hall with lots of chessboards.  Banner says Super-villain Chess Tournament. Ray Romano type is host for tournament.   Things Villains do during games Large obvious facial gestures. Villain in paper thin disguise. Dumb Villain ruins game Fist fight breaks out Obvious cheating – Turns all pieces into queens Obvious… More Things villains say (Idea for Video)

This weekend

Notes from meeting and to do. Sheffield Park Amanda- Going to Petra’s. Anna is reaching out to her improv troupe Back up boom Headphones Get lights. pens clipboard spare key chain Notes from Will   ——– Intros Description of Roles Schedule of weekend How shoot goes, practice (Sound speed, Camera speed, Scene -Take, Settle, Action) Discuss… More This weekend