Roswell and Chaco Canyon for “Fragile Future” by Kevin Patterson Fragile Future, that piece over there, with the stars made of Dandelions. I dug it.  Weird stuff floating in space is something I have enjoyed thought about for a long time. Way back in college, I talked a Professor into sponsoring me to be a summer … More Roswell

rosell update

Roswell and Chaco Canyon One summer, way back in college, I talked an Archaeologist Professor at App State into sponsoring me to be a summer park ranger in Chaco Canyon National Park.  Only Archaeologist students were supposed to get the gig.  My pitch (I am pretty good at pitches.)  was a future High school history … More rosell update

space court

Brainstorm idea for SPACE COURT What is a misdemeanor in the future? Could it be a reality show? Witness stand is place to have fun.   Other court possibilies is purgatory court.