About Kevin Patterson

After growing up in the foothills of North Carolina and some years in Mexico City, Damascus, Syria and Phoenix, AZ I have moved back to North Carolina. Phoenix was very good to me because the city’s healthy underground arts community introduced me to the performance arts. Like many in Phoenix I did multiple projects.

Below are some links to various things I have been involved in.

The Arthouse (A sitcom about artists living together.) I was the showrunner.

Some videos I either produced or helped produce.

And some I have acted in.

In 2012 I kept a tongue in cheek blog about getting reading for the Apocalypse.  It won a New Times “Best of” award.

The weekly alternative press in Phoenix is the New Times.  Here are some articles where I am mentioned.

Kevin Patterson What are you eating?

Space 55 Game Night

The Firehouse Builds Toward Its Future With This Weekend’s Share Fire Festival

Stationary Hobo: Kevin Patterson Shows Us The World Through Local Artist Interviews

A-Verse to Tradition

Happy Birthday to the Pedo Poet

“The Grid II: Documenting Phoenix Through the Lens”

My photography has shown at the Lost Leaf, the Trunk Space, 4 White Walls, Space 55, and the Firehouse.  Al venues in Phoenix, AZ.

If you would like to contact me.  I can be reached at sonofpatter at gmail or through my facebook page.

I am Kevin Patterson and I approve of this message.

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